Larry Yazzie is an internationally known World Champion Fancy dancer who provides a high-energy show featuring authentic views of Indigenous peoples’ culture through song, dance, flute playing and storytelling. Featuring an innovative blend of modern and traditional Native American dance style, his repertoire includes performances in all 50 States, as well as performing at the Olympics, The Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian, and international festivals in Jordan, Japan, France, Brazil, and Australia.

As lecturer, dancer, and educator, he has earned the reputation for being one of the nation’s leading experts on Native American dance. His performances reflect spirit, fluidity and connections that show the true spirit of Native Americans. His regalia is adorned with eagle feathers, porcupine and horse hair, deer tail, angora hide, buck skin and otter fur all to honor the animals as his dance honors indigenous relatives and elders.

Larry represents a proud and vibrant heritage by honoring cultural traditions, that celebrate life within families, the earth, the changing seasons and one another through his dance, music and storytelling. By teaching dance forms, storytelling and music, Larry uses the arts to empower youth, to reach for and never to give up on their own personal dreams. He often closes his performances with flute playing which brings peace and relaxation as he shares old Meskwaki love songs. In true Native American tradition, which seeks to give back more than one takes, Larry also works with charities to raise funds for indigenous artists.