Larry Yazzie contributes vocals and drums to International Indigenous Music Project

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The song is called “E I A I E” and it is a ‘koha’ or gift to the world. It promotes healing, celebrates unity in diversity, empowerment of both women and men. It says all of us are the custodians of this little blue dot that we live on and that we have a responsibility to look after our mother earth for the coming generations.  The song was 1st written and performed in 1976 by famous Maori singer songwriter professor Dr Hirini Melbourne. It was originally written collaboratively as song of protest against the nuclear testing in the Pacific. I have added the last verse which calls upon all peoples of the world to come together.


The collaboration is between Maaka Phat (Producer, Engineer, Music Composer) , Tuari Dawson ( Lead vocals) , Horomona Horo (Maori instruments and vocals)  Mina Ripia ( Maori instruments , vocals) Marcelo Preto ( Brazilian Vocals Perc and vocals)) , Nego Beto & Mara Weiss ( Brazilian percussion, Vocals)  Larry Yazzie Native American ( Native American instruments and vocals)


The song is performed entirely in the Māori Language.

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